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Long time friend Mark Jordan, from North Carolina, came to Kona recently to fish for a few days with Captain Dale aboard the Sea Strike. The boys had a great time, and Mark had a successful fishing trip. We were able to get some good footage of the pacific blue marlin with the go pro. Check out this 3-minute video. For a full screen version of the video, check it out on YouTube.

Tournament season started 2 weekends ago with the Rock-n-Reel. The biggest marin weighed was 572 pounds. The Sea Strike was entered with me as angler. We had no action on the first day, but most others didn't either. By the end of Saturday, there were only two tagged marlin on the board. Start Fishing was at 7:00 a.m. We hooked up at 8:00. The fish put up a good fight, making me fight it for 40 minutes before giving in. The marlin looked like it could be 300 pounds (the minimum weight requirement), but since it was early, we decided to tag it and get some guaranteed points on the board, instead of weighing it and having it come up shy of the mark.

Marlin tournaments will be consistent throughout the summer. Contact Captain Dale Leverone at 808-895-1972 or email if you are going to be in town over the summer and want to go fishing. It's our busiest time of year, so make reservations early. If you think you might want to fish in a tournament, ask the captain for details of tournaments that might be happening during your stay. You may also visit our Kona Tournaments page for a comprehensive list of upcoming competitions.

In their first ever trip to Hawaii, Stan Teichroew and Diane Manning, of Ontario Canada, boarded the Sea Strike on the morning of February 29th, 2012. Little did they know that this full day charter would run long, and that Stan would be feeling the soreness of his muscles sinking in by the time they got back off the boat.

Leap Day 2012 was a very nice day in Kona, with a nice calm ocean to go with it. The fishing was good too. First, the Sea Strike hooked up a 30# mahi mahi. Unfortunately, when Stan got the fish close to the back of the boat, it pulled hook and swam off. The spearfish that struck next was not as lucky as the mahi mahi, making it the first billfish that Stan had ever caught. As Stan sat resting and looking off the back of the Sea Strike, he saw the bill come up and whack the lure, then go away. He saw the bill come back up to whack the lure a second time. Stan no sooner got the words out of his mouth to Captain Dale when the line started screaming off the reel. The big marlin gave a great performance, including a full aerial display, before angler and fish settled in to what would be a 3-hour epic battle between beast and man. I was at the fuel dock when the boat came in and got some footage of the great fish. I put together a little video for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

For anyone who doesn't already know this, I would like to share the fact that the 876 pound pacific blue marlin featured in this video will not go to waste. Marlin is very good eating, and can be cooked many ways as well as smoked. The fish went to the market, and on to the local restaurants, so the fish helped to feed the local economy as well.

Mark Jordan took his dad out marlin fishing aboard the Sea Strike. They hooked a marlin and Mr. Jordan, Sr. jumped in the chair to do battle. You can get the job done relatively quickly with a marlin weighing less than 200 pounds, but it isn't necessarily a good idea to get the fish to the back of the boat too fast. These fish can be dangerous, and if they come in too hot, they can actually jump into the boat and right through the nearest person.

On this particular day, Captain Dale got some great footage of the marlin behind the boat. Check out this video, or click on the youtube button below the video to bring it up in your browser.

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