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Ok, so here's the deal: You are in Hawaii, or coming to Hawaii, and want to go fishing while you are here. Contact Captain Dale Leverone and charter the Sea Strike. Here's how you can get a hold of him:

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Reservations are recommended, but if you call on a whim or at the last minute, you might get lucky. One thing you should know, though. While the fishing is good all year around in Hawaii, the most consistant marlin fishing happens during the summer months. This is why most of the Kona marlin tournaments are back-to-back all summer long. So, if you know you are going to be here anytime between late June and mid August, and you know you want to go fishing, make your reservations as early as possible, or you might get left out. I'm not kidding. Whether you are thinking that you are going out on a big cushy air-conditioned stateroom sized boat with a flat screen tv, or a not so fancy but clean, comfortable and effective sport fishing boat like the Sea Strike, or just planning to find a skiff, everybody is busy in July so make a reservation.

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Even if you will be here a time other than summer, reservations are still recommended to insure that you get the day that you want to go. You're vacation is going to go by super fast, and you'll be back home trudging through the winter crappy weather with your newly developed tan before you know it. Make your Kona fishing reservations when planning the rest of your activities before you get on the plane, so that you know you'll get to go. And you won't be sorry. Kona Hawaii is one of the best places in the world to go for a boat ride and possibly catch a world class sport fish. Whether it's a world record or just a really good-eating fish, the fight is special. And, if it turns out that you forgot to bring your luck, or accidentally brought bananas on the boat, the weather is nice, the ocean is postcard perfect, and some really unique sea life is available for your entertainment if you just keep watch.

Check out our RATES page to see our general times and current fees. Sea Strike's charter rates may vary from time to time, depending on various things, such as current fuel costs. Best thing to do is, just call Captain Dale. Tell him what you are looking to do, and he'll take care of you.

If you are interested in fishing a Kona marlin tournament, talk to the Captain. As stated before, there are several tournaments. For a complete list, (or I should say complete to the best of my knowledge at this time), take a look at our Kona Tournaments page, where you will find what Kona has to offer in the upcoming 2012 Kona tournament season.

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