Kona fishing

Kona Marlin Fishing with Sea Strike on Hawaii Island's Kona Coast

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Fishing in Kona with Capt. Dale Leverone and the Charter Boat Sea Strike

kona fishing with Capatain Dale Leverone
Captain Dale getting ready!

Capt. Dale Leverone and the charter boat Sea Strike have been featured on ESPN and Lets Go Fishing, and are frequently highlighted in Marlin Magazine, Saltwater Sportsman, Hawaii Fishing News and other publications.

Originally from Miami, Florida, Dale started fishing at a very young age and has fished in many ports world-wide. Fishing recreationally as well as professionally in Miami, accruing several world and state fishing records there, Captain Dale holds multiple past and current IGFA world records as an angler and captain.

Dale has been fishing in Kona since 1985. In the years that followed Captain Dale's arrival in Kona Hawaii, he has built a solid reputation as a world class fisherman and captain. His peers and competitors alike consider Dale to be not only a hellofa fisherman, but an honest, hard working fishing charter business owner. As owner and operator of the Sea Strike, Captain Dale is highly motivated to take the best care of his anglers, whether they just want to cruise with the family and have a fun, relaxing day on the water; or they are a professional angler looking for a world record or a big tournament win.

kona fishing with Capatain Dale Leverone
Pending IGFA Junior World Record

First mate Jack Leverone has grown up in Hawaii, and on the Sea Strike. From the time he was big enough to hold his own rod (a Hawaiian style bamboo pole) until present, Jack lives and breathes fishing. He loves it, and he's good at it. As a teenager, Jack has already been leadering fish for a couple of years. He's caught large game fish, and all of the major pelagic fish we catch in Hawaii. He's been the Sea Strike's first mate for years already and his knowledge and experience shows. On a night fishing trip in 2014, Jack caught his biggest fish to date - a 547 pound thresher shark, which is a pending junior IGFA world record.

Kona fishing
The Leverone boys look for action on the Kona Coast.

Just drivin' and lookin'. Captain Dale and first mate Jack set out on a new day of fishing off the Kona Coast. The sun is coming up, but hasn't peaked over Hualalai mountain yet. The sun first comes up on Hilo side and works its way about 8,000 ft. high to first peak over the mountain, at which time rays of sunshine shoot across the morning sky to the horizon. The water is calm, as usual. In the lee of the mountain, the waters are their calmest.

The Leverone boys are watching for signs of life - a bait school, a floater, birds - while they head for the area they have visited many times because of its consistant good fishing results.

The anglers for the day are in the cockpit enjoying those first rays of sunshine peeking up over the mountain while they drink their coffee and /or eat their breakfast, put on their sunscreen and get ready for the drill. The "drill" is the fighting lesson the first mate will give the angler from the fighting chair. Prepped, fed, coffeed up, the anglers are ready, ready for the line to scream off the reel.

And the battle is on...

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