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Tournament Fishing with Sea Strike on Hawaii Island's Kona Coast

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Kona fishing tournaments range from one day to 5 days, with entry fees ranging from $100 to several thousand dollars plus side pool monies, etc. Winners receive trophies and/or cash prizes. The amount of cash winnings depends on the tournament and how much you want to invest.

There are currently only a couple of wahine (ladies) tournaments, which are very popular, although ladies are more than welcome to join in the other tournaments.

Most big game tournaments feature the Pacific Blue Marlin and stress tag and release. However, there are several tournaments that include other species of game fish. These "flag" fish include ono (wahoo), mahi mahi, ahi (yellowfin tuna) and spearfish.

Many years ago, it was thought that there were no Pacific blue marlin in this area. The marlin here were thought to be black marlin. It was Captain George Parker who brought to the attention of the IGFA that the marlin thought to be black were in fact Pacific blues. Captain Parker was instrumental in bringing fishing tournament action to Kona, which is now known as one of the best sport fishing meccas in the world.

Most of the Kona marlin tournaments take place in the summer months. While Kona fishing is good year around, the most consistent Pacific Blue marlin fishing generally happens in the summer. Then, many smaller marlin are here and make for exciting tournament fishing. The marlin fishing tournaments in Kona promote tag and release, with points given for tags. The minimum qualifying size for boated fish depends on the tournament. The points for tags and boated marlin are added up to determine the winner.

Side pools usually go to the biggest marlin each day of the tournament, or the biggest fish (per division) when other flag fish are included.

Kona fishing tournaments have a variety of tournaments to offer the professional angler ( with strict IGFA rules), as well as fun tournaments for the casual angler ( where Jungle rules apply). If you will be in town and are considering competing in a Kona fishing tournament, the best thing to do is to talk to the Captain and work out a plan. Captain Dale Leverone has competed in many Kona tournaments over the years, and is a well seasoned professional.

Pacific blue marlin caught on Sea Strike
Maui Jim Kona Classic winner

2016 Kona Fishing Tournaments

  • January 1, 2016 - Charter Desk New Years Tournament
  • February 13th - 10th Annual Love 2 Fish Charity Tournament
  • June 11-12th - Rock-n-Reel
  • June 25 - 26th - Kona Kick Off (Maui Jim Series Opener)
  • June 29 - 30th - Marlin Magic Lure Tournament
  • July 4th - World Cup
  • July 2 - 3rd - Firecracker
  • July 5 - 7th - Kona Throw Down
  • July 8 - 10th - Skins Derby... $3,000
  • July 15 - 17th - Hawaii Lure Maker's Challenge
  • July 30 th - Huggo's Na Pua O Ke Kai Tournament... $400
  • August 1 - 5th - HIBT
  • August 12 - 14th - Big Island Marlin Tournament
  • August 15 - 17th - 26th Annual Tag and Release Tournament (TART)
  • September 9 - 11th - 1st Annual It's a Wrap Tournament
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