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Kona Night Fishing Charters with Captain Dale on Sea Strike

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Kona Sword Fishing

We target broadbill swordfish on special night-fishing trips. Swordfish are among the most elusive sport fish to catch. Equal in size to marlin, swordfish is an ultimate quest for many big-game anglers. Also known as a broadbill for its flat-swordlike bill, this billfish slices through its prey. Late spring/ early summer is the best time of year to fish for swordfish in Kona.

The bill of a swordfish is about 1/3 of the length of the body of the fish, and can be a dangerous weapon. Get the swordfish to the back of the boat, and it starts slashing with that long lean bill. Since the bill is so long, the fish has great reach, and even the most seasoned fisherman can get injured. A lot of skill, combined with extreme caution is necessary when landing a swordfish on rod and reel.

Swordfish are pretty elusive in Kona waters, which make them even a bigger goal for the sport fisherman who is targeting different billfish species.

Jack Leverone, son of Captain Dale, was born with fishing in his blood. Since he could say the word "fish", he has been driven to become the best he can be. So, when his dad asked him if he wanted to go night fishing, Jack was practically in the boat before Captain Dale could get the words out. Captain Dale wanted to try out his new glo stick, so he invited Steve McKitrick along to see if they could raise a swordfish. Team Sea Strike came home with a nice broadbill the next morning along with a great story to go along with it. The makers of the glo stick were so impressed by the story, that they featured the picture at left in their Melton's Fishing Tackle Magazine ad.

Shark Fishing aboard the SEA STRIKE

Although not as popular as Kona's marlin, sharks abound in these waters. 16-foot-long tiger sharks have nosed up to the boat when we're not looking for them. Large tigers have also been seen within Honokohau Harbor, looking for scraps and turtles. Thresher sharks have been landed on marlin lures while trolling, but are most commonly caught at night. World record-sized tiger and great white sharks will come from miles away to feed on an unfortunate whale, even though great whites don't generally like the warmer waters of Hawaii. Additional supplies and rates are needed for these customized fishing trips.

The 677 pound mako shark, pictured at right, was not the target of the day. The angler, who has fished in Kona many times over the years, really wanted to catch a big marlin. Captain Dale rigged a large live bait and trolled the area that had been hot lately. Instead of a big marlin, this monster mako shark hit the bait hard and fast. the shark shot out of the water like a missile, 20 feet straight into the air. Lit up electric blue (just like a marlin would do), the fish provided quite the aerial display. After being weighed, the mako was sent to the market. If you ever get the chance, Mako shark steaks on the grill are delicious!

Sea Strike's first mate Jack Leverone went night fishing on the Salty Dog recently with some friends. They were looking for swordfish and possibly a Junior world record for Jack, who is 15. After staying up all night watching the lines, Jacked hooked up to a nice fish at approximately 4:30 a.m., which turned out to be a thresher shark. Jack fought the fish for over 2 hours on 80 pound test before landing it. The Salty Dog towed the monster in to be weighed. The thresher shark weighed in at 547 pounds, and is a pending world record, sure to beat the current junior world record for thresher shark, which weighed 398 pounds. Way to go Jack!

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